Plantronics has been a partner in the Golden eSports League Season 1-2-3, Weekend Knockouts in DOTA2 and the Mittmedia CUP.

Plantronics is a global leader in audio communications for businesses and consumers. We have pioneered new trends in audio technology, creating innovative products that allow people to simply communicate. With Plantronics Gaming headsets you hear every noise, feel every sound and experience every moment as if youäre really in the game. 50 years of audio expertise in creating optimum-performing headsets for astronauts and pilots, is channeled into the Gaming range, bringing you superior audio quality. Plantronics has worked with gamers all around the world and partnered with audio experts Dolby, to create a range of top-performing headsets, which bring a new depth to the gaming experience. Recognized and acknowledged as a leading specialist in audio gaming, the Plantronics GameCom headset range has won numerous awards and accolades from international leading gaming publications and blogs.

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Razer has been a partner in the Golden eSports League Season 1-2-3, Weekend Knockouts in DOTA2 and the Mittmedia CUP. Razer is a American California-based company specializing in products specifically marketed to gamers.

They are famous for their cutting edge technology and design of mice and keyboard, but also produce a range of other products like gaming systems.

Razer actively sponsors professional gamers from a variety of games. The games Razer sponsors range from Dota 2, Street Fighter IV, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and Starcraft 2.


Twitch is where you’ll find the best online video shows in the gaming world. From behemoths like Joystiq, Gamespot, and Destructoid, to insiders like LiveonThree, ManvsGame, and Day9, this is where you’ll find the vanguard of live gaming entertainment.

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