Game rules FIFA 16!

Add to your opponent by looking at the person’s PSN.
Invite player to Friendly.
Online troops.
6 minute halftime.
Normal speed.
Classic defense game (legacy Defending) is not allowed. If you suspect that your opponent uses the classic defense game will you record a clip and send in to the admin. Players that have been proven to use classic defense game will be disqualified.
If a match is interrupted match will be replayed from the time the game is lost and the result is when the game is interrupted. The player who has the ball at the time the game is broken to be awarded the ball when the new game starts.
Optional club teams and national teams, not classical XI.
Guests are not permitted.
Custom Formations are not allowed. If a player uses the Custom Formations will you take a picture of his information and to submit to Admin. The player who has used the Custom Formations will be assigned WO-loss and risk being disqualified.
Game is a draw application Silver Goal, which means that a new game is started, no lead after 45 minutes it goes into the golden goal until someone scores.
Masking is not allowed, the opponent plays the ball around the back line without trying to attack, send video evidence to an admin.
If you can not join each other, you should first arrest shaping FIFA and testing. Does not it to you traveled shaping your router and test. Does not it you should contact an admin.
All players must be contactable during their notified PSN and Facebook name.
Directly after the match, you should report the results to the admin
Admins have the last word.